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Dust Supression and Indequip

Posted: 27 July 2018
Two years ago, Indequip added a range of High Pressure Misting Fittings to our catalogue, which raised a lot of questions regarding the implicational uses and benefits of the products.

Generally, in hot Countries, they use these kinds of fittings in systems to, disperse high pressure water (between 70/100Bar) through pipework and small orifice nozzles to create a mist/fog to cool down and area, but they can also be used in areas that have a high concentration of dust, and Indequip can boast a major success in one of Europe’s biggest aggregate sites.

Dust suppression systems are a requirement for many industries. High-pressure fog mist provides an excellent dust suppression method because it’s able to physically trap dust particles and control it at the source. Indequip has one of the most effective and broadest arrays of dust suppression products; both mobile units and permanent fixtures for any indoor and outdoor condition. At Indequip we have partnered with companies that are specialists in this field. We are now able to assist in dust suppression in many industries such as demolition, mining, construction, and waste management to provide dust suppression solutions that meet OSHA standards.

If you would like more information regarding dust suppression, please contact our sales team on 01744 755177 

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