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NEW 168MM Aircom pipe and fittings now available.

Posted: 7 May 2019

Indequip is thrilled to add 168mm- 6" piping to the Aircom range.

Many Industrial Plants currently require large installations to convey greater power, increasing the need to distribute over 3000m³ flow rate of compressed air around a site per hour. 

The pipe allows easy and immediate identification that is ready to use thanks to the marks printed on all its lengths. Each pipe is pre-grooved so that no extra labour is required during installation.

The entire range of threaded couplings is available with either GAS or NPT threads.

Suitable for the following sectors:


Aeronautical and aerospace



Printing Systems


If you require more information regarding the 168mm system,contact the Indequip sales team on 01744 755177 OR

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